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  Eerste A.I. geïnspireerde kunstexpo in Vlaanderen Van kunstfotografie naar schilderkunst via artificiële intelligentie Artificiële Intelligentie staat volop in de…

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Two paintings will hang for one year (June 2021 till May 2022) at gallery/shoppingcenter Balthasar in the heart of Brussels…

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Participation with 2 artworks in an Art Installation from several Academy artists at Gebermte, a 2 week open air Art…

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Since I had a creative epiphany at the Burning Man festival in september 2017, I enrolled myself at the Art Academy of Mortsel, Antwerp and started sketching and painting, something I had not done for 30 years.  I did make 3D artwork on the computer some 15 years before. I taught myself to draw in 6 months and haven’t stopped drawing and painting since.

I live in Antwerp with my girlfriend and 2 young adult boys. At home I have my atelier where I draw and paint figurative art, mainly portraits. With my art, I try to create something visually striking to convey some sort of strong emotion.

My art is populated with sad, melancholic people with suppressed emotion, often beautiful but damaged woman.